Sadegh (Haji Gul), a Kabul taxi driver has no news from his son Darya.
During the Soviet War, to avoid his son’s forced conscription into the Afghan army, he pays a smuggler to bring him to Iran. Once gone, Darya disappears and gives no more news. Delara (Leena Alam), Darya’s mother is inconsolable.

Zohra (Marina Golbahari), Delara’s niece, lives in the province. She is naturally exquisite and delicate. She has everything to please. When she comes to visit her tent, for the first time Delara and Sadegh think that a might be daughter-in-law like her, able to give them grandchildren, would radically change their lives and bring their son back home. Husband and wife share the same dream.

Sadegh refreshes his appearance and goes to Iran to find his son and obtain his agreement. The so missed son has changed his name, his life and his identity. He offends his father publicly and rejects violently his offer. In return, the humiliated father, not daring to break the heart of his wife, makes her believe that their son has accepted to get engaged to Zohra. Soon families gather to celebrate the proxy engagement of Zohra and Darya. The photo of the groom-to-be attracts all sorts of praises. Zohra has prepared everything to leave…


Far from universally wide-spread clichés, this story inhabited with grace, served by a staggering array of actors, enchants and upsets you. Shot in sublime scenery, bathed by light, based on a finely-crafted true story, Ahwal-e-Darya will cheerfully make you travel in a captivating world, steeped in uncertainty. An unforgettable moment of cinema.